A safari on the west coast of southern Africa, thereafter we loose ourselves into the harshness of the Kalahari Desert before the ultimate destination of solitude & silence - The Richtersvelt. We return to Cape Town, far richer than when we departed.

Pure 4x4 adventure. Unexplored, desolate and uncivilized. Two Transfrontier areas, Of majestic contrast, Of mountains and deserts. Of rock and sand. Of exhilaration and challenge. We endeavour to make this safari the ultimate off road adventure, where land rovers are blooded, Where they come of age, An extinct habitat where water is gold, shade a luxury, the moon always shines full, and the sun relentless.

Your adventure begins in Cape Town and travels north into the Cedarburg Mountains. We spend quality time in the area before the Augrabies National Park. Here we conduct an extensive game drive before the true desert as we head into Botswana and make our home in the Kalahari Transfronteir Park for three nights. Open camps and game drives into the pristine wilderness in our land rovers. The Silence of the Fish River Canyon and the Richtersvelt National Park await us. We spend an extensive period in this special destination before turning south to the Gifberg and finally return to Cape Town.
Day 1
Cape Town
Meet your Guide at Cape Town international airport and transfer to our guest house. We enjoy a safari briefing at the Lodge and thereafter spend the afternoon viewing the tourist attractions of this beautiful city, and enjoy sunset on top of Table Mountain.
Guest House Accommodation. All Meals own account.
Day 2
Cape Town - Day Tour - Chapmans Peak, Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope, Simons Town Penguin Colony, Stellenbosch. 300Kms on tar roads.
Today we depart for a day of exploration. We spend the morning meandering down the coast over Chapman's Peak drive (conditions permitting)
Visit Cape Point, the Cape of Good Hope and the Simon's Town Penguin Colony. Thereafter we travel via Fishhoek & Muizenberg, following the False Bay coast to our afternoon port o call - the wine capital of Africa, Stellenbosch. After exploring the historic town, we visit a wine farm in the area, and savour the products of this famous valley. Return to our Guest house late afternoon / early evening, in time to freshen up and dine in a local restaurant.
Guest House Accommodation on B&B basis.
Lunch & Dinner own account
Day 3
Cape Town - Cedarberg Mountains. 350 Kms on tar and dirt roads. Travel time approx. 4 hrs.
We depart from our guest lodge in Cape Town and travel into the true remote wilderness area of the Western Cape, in the Cedarberg Mountains. The afternoon is spent on a short walk to a waterfall, or a swim in one of the many rock pools or rivers.
Bungalows on B&B basis.
Lunch & Dinner own account
Day 4
Cedarberg -, Augrabies. 600 Kms on tar and good dirt roads. Travel time approx. 8 hrs.
Onto Augrabies falls national park. We will head out to search for eland, giraffe, gemsbok and klipspringer antelope. Witness the spectacular augrabies falls, where the mighty Orange River plunges over the granite gorge on its lonely journey to the Atlantic Ocean.
Bungalows on B&B basis.
Lunch & Dinner own account
Day 5
Augrabies -Kuruman. 450 Kms on tar roads. Travel time approx. 5 hrs.
Kuruman is our stop today. Depart early, and journey into the maize farmlands of South Africa. Spend the late afternoon escaping the heat in the pool. Tonight we re-enter civilization, and enjoy a restaurant meal.
Bungalows on B&B basis.
Lunch & Dinner own account
Day 6 & 7
Kuruman - Mabauasehube. 450 Kms on tar and 4x4 dirt roads. Travel time approx. 6 hrs.
The Transfrontier pearl called Mabauasehube game reserve tonight. A wild camping night. A little jewel, but a precious jewel. After tedious big sand we finally reach the pearl, encased in its shell of sand. Late afternoon sees us sifting the red sands, searching for those who have not been found. After setting up camp we spend the days searching the pans and dunes, absorbing this desert.
Tented camp. Breakfast / lunch & dinner

Day 8
Mabauasehube - Matopi. 150 Kms on dirt 4x4 roads. Travel time approx. 8 hrs due to game drives Enroute.
With full jerry cans of water and fuel, we embark on an expedition into the wilds of the Kalahari, the bush camp in the Matopi region is our goal for tonight. En route, a hard earned brunch and siesta period to while away the heat of this unforgiving land.
Tented camp. Breakfast / lunch & dinner

Day 9 & 10
Matopi - Kgalagardi Transfrontier Park - Nossob. 200 Kms on 4x4 dirt roads.
Travel time approx. 8 hrs due to game drives Enroute.

Travel the dusty road to one of the best-kept secrets in Africa: the red sands of the Kalahari. The kaglagadi Transfrontier Park is one of the largest protected wilderness areas in Africa. The search begins.

Rise with the sun and resume our search, often spending long periods waiting for that special moment at waterholes or in the dunes. The Kalahari lion is the largest lion found in the world and just to spend a moment with this black maned king of the beasts is not only a privilege but also an experience that you will never forget. The lion, the raptors and the desert dwelling creatures will fascinate all wildlife enthusiasts. The game drive takes us north on the nossob river.
Bungalows on half board basis.
(Breakfast & lunch) - Dinner own account at the restaurant in the Park.

Day 11
Nossob - Fish river Canyon. 400 Kms on 4x4 and good dirt roads. Travel times approx. 7 hrs.
We leave via the Mata Mata entry gate and travel onto the fish river canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. Sunset is spent enjoying the red sky and listening to the silence. A fantastic destination.
Bungalows on B & B basis - lunch & dinner own account

Day 12 & 13 & 14
Richtersveld National park - 300 Kms on 4x4 dirt roads. Travel Times 5 hours approx.
The Richtersveld National park, first we restock on supplies and thereafter cross the Orange River on a pont whereupon we enter the barren richtersveld national park. After checking in at the entry gate at sendelingsdrift, make for our campsite. After setting up camp, we cool off in the river. We spend three days in this pristine wilderness, searching for unique euphorbia and rare desert succulents. The days are hot, the nights cold, but the experience exhilarating.

Bungalows / tented
Breakfast / lunch & dinner

Day 15
Gifberg - 600 Kms on dirt and tar. Travel times approx. 8 Hrs.
A mountain of poison. Gifberg. Why poison? We spend the afternoon searching for the answer to this question. The splendour of the Namaqualand flower carpet in springtime is a sight to behold.
Bungalows on B& B basis.
Lunch & dinner own account

Day 16
Gifberg - 10 Kms on 4x4 roads. Travel time 2 Hrs
The final day in the wilds of Africa. We explore the san caves and mountain pathways, enjoying our last day of solitude. Spend quality time in the wilderness with your guide, hiking, swimming or simply relaxing. Overnight gifberg.
Bungalows on B&B basis.
Lunch & dinner own account

Day 17
Gifberg - Cape Town.300 Kms on 4x4 and good tar. Travel time 4 Hrs.
Homeward bound - the route takes the land rover past fields of citrus and over steep mountain ranges towards a table like mountain. The safari ends upon arrival in Cape Town in the afternoon.
All meals own account

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